How Fiber Graphics came to be

Roxanna Ahlborn is a native Californian – living, designing and creating out of her home in Sonoma CA. She grew up in a family full of artists, where creativity was second nature. Roxy attended the California College of Arts and Crafts to acquire a formal art training. She loves painting, drawing and sewing, and has found a way to mesh the three in order to create her own unique designs. She combined the mediums and create soft sculpture pieces, which she refers to as fiber graphics. What began as soft sculpture pins, wall pieces and clothing has slowly evolved into hand designed, painted and sewn one of a kind purses. Each purse is a labor of love. A soft sculpture piece of art.

In response to a weary economy, Roxy decided to come up with a "limited edition print" line, where each piece is still handmade but instead of hand painted – each one is printed with high quality ink from an original design. This makes the line perfect for gifts, bridesmaids and retail stores.

Roxanna is inspired by the arts and crafts movement and nature. Nature is a common thread that runs throughout all of her pieces. The goal is to give someone something beautiful that they are able to enjoy each and every day.

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