Grommet Bag

Grommet Bag – Limited Edition Prints – $100

The designs are all printed onto white cotton fabric using high quality inks.  They are printed from original artwork that I painted. The bottom of the bags are made from a vinyl wedge bottom. The top of the bag slides up the cording straps to open. The bag is machine and hand sewn and covered with a protective coating in order to shield the design from normal wear and tear. There is a small mesh pocket inside the purse and a decorative button on the top of the purse so it can easily be pulled upwards.  This purse measures approximately 8 1/2" wide by 8" tall. It is 2" deep along the wedge bottom and the shoulder strap measures approximately 44" long. The straps can be longer or shorter if necessary. 

Below you can find a few examples of designs that I have available.  For full availability please visit my Etsy store.


Hellebores Small Grommet Bag


Hummingbird & Hibiscus Small Grommet Bag


Narcissus Small Grommet Bag


Flying Crane Small Grommet Bag


Nest & Eggs Small Grommet Bag

Flowering Quince Small Grommet Bag


Butterflies Small Grommet Bag


California Poppies Small Grommet Bag


White Gardenia Small Grommet Bag

Blackbird Ikat Small Grommet Bag